From the perspective of the employer – Client Tyrone Towle

Employed by Makar Group Full Time as a Trades Assistant, Tyrone has a positive attitude in his work and shows a lot of enthusiasm for any task that is asked of him and is a valuable team member. Tyrone has completed a course in dogging which entails:
• The slinging techniques used for moving a load (including the selection and inspection of lifting equipment).
• The directing of a hoist or crane operator who is moving a load, when the load is out of the operator’s view
Tyrone has demonstrated that he is a very confident operator of the machinery picking the skills required very quickly. Tyrone is enjoying his employment and the experience with Makar Group as it has given him the option of a variety of skills and different work locations and in turn Makar Group are very happy with his dedication to the position.

From the perspective of the client – Keisha Handy

Working at Sunraysia Regional Consulting has given me many different career opportunities and pathways. I came from a job where I could only work part time, now I work full time and have been given the opportunity to study a course and work a job I thought I had to go to university for. As an Indigenous person myself who struggled for 3 years to find employment, I enjoy coming to work and being able to support people, so they don’t have to struggle. Working here has made me see that I don’t need university or a degree to get the career that I want and that I can help make a difference to someone’s life, even if that is just helping them write a resume.

First People of the Millewa Mallee

We have 25 clients with the First People of the Millewa - Mallee for this current contract, this is a relatively new Indigenous organisation that has grown rapidly over the past few years providing opportunities for our clients to work on land providing natural resource management services, a cultural ranger program, river and flood plain restoration, and land restoration.
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  • 150 Langtree Ave, Mildura Vic 3500